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Remap custom-makes equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives

botchaREMAP is an independent charity whose engineers design and make custom, one-off equipment (or modify existing equipment) to improve the quality of life of disabled individuals or their carers when there is nothing otherwise commercially available. Remap Gloucestershire is part of this national charity. The Gloucestershire Panel, which was established over 35 years ago, is made up of engineers, occupational therapists and other health workers. All the engineers' time is given on a voluntary basis. Most cases are referred by Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Social Services or health and community workers within the county.

Any aspect of difficulty that disabled people or their carers encounter in their daily lives is looked at by the REMAP team and a solution designed and built to try to resolve the problem. Each solution, provided free of charge to the client, is specifically designed to address the individual’s problem and enables an improvement in their quality of life or provides greater independence. REMAP's
unique pieces of special equipment are tailor-made by volunteer experts and given free to the people who need them. Our engineers give their time and energies free, taking the trouble to ensure that each item they make really suits the individual person concerned and does the job it is meant to do. In Gloucestershire we help on average 100 disabled people every year and bring them a better quality of life or new opportunities for them to explore.

If you feel that REMAP can help you or someone you know, please contact us by filling in the referral form or give us a call. This website is intended to provide a glimpse of the work that we are actively involved in, with the purpose of encouraging more people with disabilities to contact us. To see some of the work we have done in more detail, please view our Yearbooks.

For further information call John Fox on 01451 861432 or use the contact us menu above. 

Latest News from Remap Gloucestershire

DSCN2385This event was held on Wednesday 24th May and was well attended. The Remap stand, located close to the entrance, was prominent. In addition to the banner donated by Marler Haley we displayed a Remap National banner, a video describing our work and made available some leaflets and year books, which disappeared fast.

The event was well attended and Remap made new contacts to help in our charity work. Click Here if you would like to find out more about this event.

For theGenesis-Banner-Stand-bundle forthcoming open day, and future use, Marler Haley - supplier of exhibition and banner stands - have donated a free banner in support of Remap Gloucestershire. Why not visit the open day and see what's hidden behind the banner! For details please look at 'Dates for your Diary' in this blog (below).

Each year Remap present an award for the most innovative project from all the local panels. In 2015 Remap Gloucestershire won the award for their Athletes' Throwing Chair, which is still being successfully used by our local athletes at the Prince of Wales stadium in Cheltenham.

This year, we have submitted our 'Dancing Wheelchair' project to enable creative students at Star College to express their dance skills even if they are confined to a wheelchair. It was based on an original design made and built in the USA, which relied on the client shifting their weight in the chair to control the movement of the chair.

National Star College in Cheltenham asked Remap Gloucestershire to build a similar chair for their students. After much discussion and trials it was decided to have the wheelchair controlled by the client's hand movements, by attaching a motion sensor to the clients wrist. It was felt this would give more opportunity to those students who did not have the ability to adjust their torso position in the wheelchair. It also meant that a special wheelchair did not need to be constructed, as a standard wheelchair could easily be adapted to receive the motion sensor control.

This short video shows a prototype version being used by one of the students at National Star College. Work is still ongoing, using a donated wheelchair to improve the design.

This is just one of the more technical projects undertaken by the Gloucestershire Panel.

Wednesday 24th May 2017

Learning Disability 9th Big Health Check and Social Care Open Day

Oxstalls Tennis Centre, Plock Court, Tewkesbury Road, Gloucester, GL2 9DW (9.30am - 4pm)

healthcheckThis conference is organised in partnership with Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, Gloucestershire County Council, Gloucestershire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,  Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust, Inclusion Gloucestershire, Active Gloucestershire and 2gether NHS Foundation Trust. This is a follow-up to the one held in  May 2016, where over 1000 people attended. An update on progress that has been made and to discuss what we think is important over the coming years. Individuals will be invited to have their say about health services and the changes they want to see.

Prior to the day clinicians from our mental health learning disability and children’s services including Physiotherapists, OT’s, Speech and Language Therapists, psychologists, nursing staff from the community and acute hospitals are invited to set up a stand or take time out to attend. We will also have in attendance the police, fire and ambulance services public information display vehicles.

REMAP Gloucestershire will have a stand at the conference, where you will be able to talk to our engineers about our work and see some of the projects as hands-on and also in video and photos.

The key themes will be focusing on reducing Health Inequalities, making reasonable adjustments, access to mainstream services, choice and inclusion in supporting people with a learning disability with physical and complex health needs.

Below is a 15 minute summary highlight YouTube link of the last health and social care day in May 2016 which provides a good overview of this fantastic annual event – 

https://youtu.be/8a18Cnftjgo - right click on mouse and open hyperlink.


Saturday 3rd June 2017

Tetbury Lions Club Workshop (Dolphins Hall, Tetbury from 10.00 to 16.00)

e-clubhouse_feb_17A one day workshop in Tetbury, facilitated by the Tetbury Lions Club, for organisations providing care in the town and surrounding area aimed at discussing aspirations, challenges and improved networking in a non-threatening atmosphere of co-operation.
REMAP Gloucestershire will be attending and will give us the opportunity to interact with over 30 local organisations that are concerned with care in the community.

During 2016 we progressed 105 referrals and completed 72 of these.

  • In 11 cases we offered advice only as the requirement was either outside the scope of REMAP or commercial equipment was available
  • We closed 6 cases either because the client no longer required the service or was not necessary
  • 1 case is on hold waiting for other work to be done before we can complete our task

The remaining 15 cases are still being worked on during 2017.

The graph above is dynamic and will be automatically updated as the referrals are completed

In December 2016 our chairman, John Fox was invited to Radio Winchcombe to give an interview about the work done by REMAP in the Gloucestershire area. If you would like to listen to this interview and learn more about the work we do, just click on the start button below, or click on the title above, which will take you to the interview on the Radio Winchcombe website:


Join In is a charity that was set up after the 2012 Olympics to help volunteers who wish to encourage people into sport. It does this by putting would-be volunteers in touch with local athletics/sports clubs. They encourage all kinds of sports and also include those sports suitable for disabled people.

callout-frame-v2Last year they heard about the efforts of Gloucester Remap to help local disabled athletes and in particular the work of Gloucester Remap engineer Peter Vielvoye who has designed and built a special throwing chair for the disabled athletes at the Cheltenham & County Harriers Athletics Club. As a result they interviewed Peter and placed an article on their website. To view the complete article, either click here or on the picture of the 'Throwster' to the right.

Following the success of the Disabled Athletes Throwing Chair designed by Peter Vielvoye, the magazine 'Athletics Weekly' have recently published an article about its success in helping the Cheltenham and County Harriers. To read the article, simply click on the title above.

seat finalThe Remap Awards include seven different categories, with a single award going to a project submitted by the regional Remap panels in each category.

This year, the award for 'Sport, Hobbies and Recreation' has been awarded to the throwing frame that was designed and made by the Gloucestershire Remap panel for the Cheltenham Athletics Club.

Check out the article below for more details...

2014 was another successful year for the Gloucester Remap Panel. We received 102 referrals with requests ranging from fairly simple tasks to quite complicated construction and design projects.

completeWe have, so far, completed 77 of these cases - some were completed by giving advice only and did not involve any construction work. A very small number were considered either outside the scope of Remap or the solution was found to be available commercially.

progress_1Of these 102 referrals, we currently have 25 still to complete. A few of our referrals are on-going tasks, which evolve with the changing circumstances of the clients -  while some are fairly involved design projects requiring research and investigation. In a few cases we are still waiting for feedback from the client or the Operational Therapist.

We look forward to another successful year.

Following a change in the rules governing the use of throwing chairs, Remap Gloucester has designed and manufactured a new bespoke design for our local athletes. Take a look at the article below for more information and pictures.

You can now add a photo to the on-line referral form.

During 2013 we had 121 referrals. Of these, we completed 82 referrals to the satisfaction of the clients. You will notice from the chart on the right, that some referrals (19) are still in progress - mostly ones from the latter part of the year. Two cases are on hold, because the circumstances of the clients have changed and the work may start at a later date.

Most of the 'closed' cases are because the client no longer requires the service or that an alternative solution has been found after discussion with the REMAP engineer. On very rare occasions the REMAP panel have rejected a referral on health and safety grounds, or because the work is unsuitable for our engineers.

During this month we received 11 new referrals, which were all allocated to engineers. We were able to complete 14 referrals, with one referral being closed because the client was able to solve their problem following advice from Remap engineers. This has left a total of 16 outstanding referrals (excluding those received this month).

Since January this year we have dealt with 99 referrals. 48 of these have been completed; 29 are still ongoing - either because of the complexity of the work involved or the client circumstances changing and 22 have been closed as only advice was given or work was deemed unnecessary.

Peter from our panel of engineers has submitted an article to Designing Magazine. Click on the title link above to view the article.

Welcome to the new look Remap Gloucestershire Panel website.

These news items are for viewing by the public and can only be added by the webmaster after agreement at a Remap meeting. Pictures can also be added

Remap Gloucestershire wins National Award for Dancing Wheelchair - 2017

StudentRemap’s annual national awards 2017 included 8 different categories. We are proud to announce that the 2017 Wolff Award for electronics has been awarded to the Dancing Wheelchair that was designed and made by Martin Davitt and Tom Bradley from Gloucestershire Remap for National Star College, Cheltenham.

The college was made aware of a development in the USA of a Rolling Dance Chair, which uses sensors under the seat. This known aid gave the college a wish list for such a chair to encompass a greater variety of students with various disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, etc.

Unlike the American chair which only provided dance movement for a very limited number disabilities, the Gloucestershire remap panel was contacted by the maintenance department of National Star College on behalf of the dance studio to explore the possibility of giving dance movement to a wider group of students.

The college provided our panel with a mid-wheel-drive wheelchair for this project, to enable as many users as possible and taking in all disabilities with or without the full use of their upper bodies, and limited body control.

InstructorAfter consultation with Star College's performing arts group, in order to give more disabilities access to the Dancing Chair, it was decided to add controls for the wheelchair movement from gyro sensors attached to the performers arms and/or head. This will allow the use of the chair to all but the most severely disabled students.

Although the Dancing Wheelchair is now being used with great success by Star College, there is an ongoing project using a donated wheelchair to improve the performance of the chair. Watch this space for version 2 of the chair!

Check out the short video made by BBC Gloucestershire. You can also listen to Martin Davitt's interview by BBC radio Gloucestershire...

REMAP Gloucester wins National Award for helping local disabled athletes - 2015

Remap’s annual national awards include 7 different categories. We are proud to announce that the 2015 award for Sport, Hobbies and Recreation has been awarded to the throwing frame that was designed and made by Peter Vielvoye from Gloucestershire Remap for the young athletes at Cheltenham Athletics Club.

Group shot of throwing chairsGarethAfter the tremendous success of the 2012 Paralympics it was decided to rationalise the seated throwing rules for disabled athletes. This meant that existing seats no longer conformed to the new rules and there was a need for a new design that did.

In 2013, Gloucestershire Remap panel were asked by Cheltenham Athletic Club if they could help. After much consultation and research a new seat design was manufactured for their budding young paralympic athletes. Following the success of our first seat, we have now manufactured and individually tailored seats to suit the needs of 4 of their athletes and two more are 'on the production line'. The picture on the right shows Gareth Picken competing at The English Disability Age Championships in Bedford where he achieved a personal best, attributed by him to his new seat but I am sure he had a big hand in it to. The picture on the left shows Gareth in the middle with two of the other athletes proudly sat on their seats.

Read what Gareth and his father have to say about the throwing seat and Remap Gloucestershire by following this link.