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helpRemap designs and makes, or adapts, special pieces of equipment for people with disabilities.
This service is delivered entirely by volunteers.

The service we provide is free of charge to the client. But of course, because we are a charity, donations are always welcome and can be given to your REMAP Engineer or sent to the Treasurer:

Mr M Davies
4 Lansdown Lodge Drive
GL51 6QJ

If you pay income tax, you can make a Gift Aid Declaration and this will provide REMAP with an extra 25p for every £ you give, at no cost to you.

REMAP will make a piece of equipment only if there is nothing available commercially that is suitable for your needs. Sometimes we may decline to make a piece of equipment for other reasons; there may, for instance, be serious safety issues involved.
Any piece of equipment provided for you is for your personal use only. If a third party wishes to use it you must seek approval from your local REMAP Panel.

If you no longer require the equipment please return it to REMAP.

If there is a current guarantee in force and modifications need to be made to an existing piece of equipment you should alert REMAP. Adaptations to guaranteed equipment may negate the warranty.

The REMAP volunteers who visit you are experienced engineers or craftsmen and have access to other REMAP volunteers with a wide variety of skills.
It may take a few visits to get the piece of equipment right for your needs or to make any fine adjustments. This is important. We want you to be happy with the equipment and we need to be sure you can operate it safely.
If you have any questions or need to speak to someone about your equipment please contact us.

If you have a complaint, you should contact the local panel chairman, Mr J Fox on 01451 861432.

An explanation leaflet is left with clients on completion of the work.