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logoDuring the course of our work at Remap, our engineers spend some time searching the internet to help with solving our clients' problems. Often, they come across various websites that will be of interest to our clients directly...

Financial resources for people with disabilities (https://creditaction.co.uk/disability-resource-guide/)

Logo-1Living with a disability can be hard enough without having to deal with demanding financial circumstances. Whether you’re disabled yourself or care for a disabled family member, there is support available, but it can be difficult to know where to look.

From benefits and tax credits to discounts and grants, this guide contains links to resources and guides that could help you to access financial support.

18th November 2020 9:54am

The Full Guide to Flying with a Disability (https://www.parking4less.com/flying-with-a-disability/)

plane-2Everyone has the right to enjoy a trip abroad. Most of us take holidaying to far-flung destinations for granted. It’s easy to hop on a plane and jet off somewhere luxurious. For those flying with a disability, things can be slightly more challenging.

But while that’s the case, it shouldn’t stop someone with accessibility needs from flying. It takes a bit more planning and preparation, but travelling with a disability is something which is easier than it’s ever been before.

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you can do to make planning your holiday easier. From the flights themselves, to staying safe while you’re away, this is your one-stop-shop for accessible travel advice

2nd May 2020 11:39am

Assistive Technology Design Projects (https://sites.duke.edu/atdesign/)

project4-225x300Although this is a website for a University offering to assist disabled people based in America, this website shows a number of projects already completed by the students, with useful videos and photos of the designs.


BME 460, a capstone design course, is offered to engineering students at Duke University. Students are paired with health care professionals to build custom assistive, recreational, or therapeutic devices for people with disabilities in the local community. For example, students in fall 2008 modified a bike to allow a woman who was injured in an automobile accident to ride again.

16th January 2019 8:31am

Special Effects (https://www.specialeffect.org.uk/)

SpecialEffects"We put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games."

Many people with disabilities would love to play computer games, but find it hard either to see the screens or operate the joystick controllers. This charity specializes in making the popular games accessible to all, regardless of their disability.

4th May 2018 4:22pm

Kitchen Equipment (https://www.remapglos.org.uk/documents/Kitchen%20Equipment%20Booklet%20.pdf)

kitchen euipmentAlthough not strictly an external website, the link here is to a local file describing a range of kitchen equipment suitable for disabled people, with information about how the equipment can be obtained.

19th April 2018 4:25pm

REMAP National Website (http://www.remap.org.uk/)

pushchair-1100If you are not from the Gloucestershire area, you may like to visit the REMAP National Website and find out more about the options in your area.

8th February 2017 2:21pm

Neater Solutions (http://www.neater.co.uk/)

eaters1_1Neater Solutions is renowned worldwide for the design, manufacture and supply of the Neater Eater,Neater Arm Support, Neater Drinkers and Neater table; equipment that gives people greater independence, dignity and choice in their lives, when they face difficulties when eating or drinking due to physical or cognitive limitations. Thousands of people have benefited from using our products and from the individual service that we offer.

18th June 2015 9:15am

Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (http://www.designability.org.uk/)

childwheelsWe are engineering and design experts with a passion for creating life-changing assistive technologies. We conduct original research and develop commercial products that meet real needs. We advocate better technology for everyone. And believe inclusive design is the only way forward. So we work with end-users, carers and health professionals to help us understand the problem, find a solution and test it in real life situations. We create great looking, easy-to-use products that go beyond basic functionality. And we partner with industry to help as many people as we can – we’ve transformed over 250,000 lives in the last 46 years.

20th May 2015 8:25am

Brighter Future Workshop (https://www.facebook.com/BrighterFutureMobility/)

paul-and-steveBrighter Future Workshop(BFW) is a multi-award winning charity and Social Enterprise that exists to help people with disabilities to regain or retain their mobility by providing new and recycled mobility equipment and aids at a cost effective price.

14th May 2015 10:45pm

Inclusive Technology (http://www.inclusive.co.uk)

1-webinarsInclusive Technology provides the very best special educational needs software, switches and computer access devices, simple communication aids, eye gaze and assistive technology for learners with a physical disability, sensory impairment or learning difficulty.

14th October 2014 9:49am

Hackaday (http://hackaday.com/)

ws2812-dma-controlA whole host of interesting gadgets and ideas to create things from everyday items - mainly electronic.

23rd November 2013 11:38am

Spinalistips (http://www.spinalistips.se/?lang=en)

HlsaTips and tricks from people with spinal injuries. Some particularly clever ideas for those confined to wheel chairs or with other spinal injuries.

22nd November 2013 3:01pm