If you would like Remap to help you, please fill out a REFERRAL FORM, following the instructions below.

The Gloucestershire REMAP panel of engineers meet once a month (on the second Thursday each calendar month) to discuss new cases and allocate an engineer to carry out the work. Please bear this in mind when submitting a referral, so that you will be aware of how long it may take for us to start work on a case.

You have two choices on how to fill out and submit the form. You can ...
  • Fill out the on-line form and submit using the button at the bottom of the form.
  • Download and print a blank form - click on the link or use the Printable Form under the Referrals menu above. Then fill out the form by hand and send it to...

Wendy Ripley OT,
Adult Community Health and Social Care Directorate
Gloucester Locality Office
Quayside House
Quayside Wing
Shire Hall

By choosing to fill out and submit the form on-line an automatic check is performed to make sure you have filled out all the necessary fields to enable the form to be processed. This is the preferred method of submission.